Noranda City Football Club is an Amateur football (soccer) team playing in the “Football West” leagues in Perth, Western Australia based out of the Morley Noranda Recreation Club. 

Our History

Noranda City FC was originally formed as Morley City in 1977 by John Tinkler and Nick Stoney. The Club was formed after an internal dispute with the Morley Rovers, who were a group of players made up from Morley Depot bus drivers.

In the early years Morley City had numerous home grounds, including John Forrest SHS, Gibbney Reserve and Elstead Park.

In 1996 Morley City moved to Noranda Sporting Complex, and consisted of one Masters Team. Noranda Sporting Complex has been the Clubs home for over 20 years and has maintained a strong relationship with the Morley Noranda Recreation Center.

During the 2000 season a Club called Noranda Wolves agreed to ground sharing, and brought with them a number of junior teams and a strong focus on womens football, this begun what is now Noranda City’s booming Juniors set-up.

2004 saw a sponsorship deal change the Clubs name to DVG Morley City, and the committee decided a stronger focus on the Social Leagues (now called Metropolitan League) was needed and the Club expanded to include 2 additional teams. The Club would go on to win the Premier League in 2006.

In 2008 Morley City entered the Amateur Leagues, with a first a reserve team 2014 Noranda City is formed!

Progressive committees from Morley City and Noranda Wolves create a master plan to merge the 2 clubs and create a pathway for players to stay at the one Club and transition from Juniors through to Seniors football. The Club name was decided to reflect both of the Clubs history’s, with the name Noranda Wolves continuing as a womens team playing at Emberson Reserve. 

The recent years since Noranda City was formed have been some of the most active and successful in recent memory, and it’s a trajectory that the Clubs Committees are intent on continuing.

Many great players, coaches, sponsors and characters have helped create the Noranda City story and the Club hopes to catch up with many of these people during the Clubs 40th year celebrations!