Code of Conduct

The Morley Noranda Recreation Club is committed to:

1. Controlling intoxicated persons;

  • As stated in our House Management Policy, consumption of alcohol regardless of where or when it is being consumed is monitored by staff.
  • If despite our efforts, a patron becomes intoxicated by means other than direct service by our staff and we are alerted to this fact, we will then take the appropriate action: that may take the form of refusing service, removing the affected patron, calling a taxi when necessary.

2. Controlling juveniles;

  • We will not permit juveniles (under the age of 18) to enter the premises unless accompanied with an adult.
  • In the event that a juvenile has presented false documentation to substantiate their ago, upon learning this fact, we will immediately take measures to remove the minor from the premises, confiscate the false documentation then report to the police.

3. Resolving complaints from customers and residents;

  • Employees will be asked to observe the chain of command in reporting all complaints from customers and residents alike. Once management has been alerted, we will take steps to resolve the complaint to the complainant’s satisfaction, but in accordance with the application regulations which apply to Liquor Licence or By Laws.

4. Patron care (harm minimisation strategies which encourage the availability of food, non-alcoholic products, staff training, effective transport of patrols and discourage disorderly behaviour);

  • We stock and encourage the sale of a full range of non-alcoholic beverages.
  • We will provide adequate training for all staff to publicise the fact that we serve non-alcoholic beverage and low alcohol beverages.
  • We will in all cases advocate the use of public transport, as an alternative where possible, including calling a taxi.
  • We will not tolerate in any way shape or form, disorderly behaviour that could affect the comfort or safety to others.

5. Respect the neighbours and not to disturb the amenity of the local area);

  • Our clientele is of a good nature. Our members respect others and always leave in an orderly manner.

6. Responsible server practices (to adopt the Director’s Guideline on responsible promotion of liquor).

  • We have acquired the various responsible serve posters available through the Office of Liquor Licensing and display the conspicuously around the club.

House Management Policy

The Morley Noranda Recreation Club is a controlled, safe and secure environment which observes the principles of the Responsible Service of Alcohol.

We stock a range of low alcohol and non-alcoholic products. The bar staff will happily advise you and serve you in a responsible, friendly and professional manner.​

This is a venue where you can enjoy yourself – but not at the expense of others.

  • We will not serve liquor or allow the provision of liquor to any person under the age of 18 years. (We will ask you for proof of age if you appear to be under the age of 25).
  • We will recognise the signs of intoxication and we will discourage service to the point of intoxication.
  • We will discourage people from harming themselves or others.
  • We will not permit drunkenness, fighting or cheating, abusive or obscene language or suggestive, unwelcome advances or physical contact directed at customers or staff.
  • Unattended drinks will be removed to prevent drink spiking.
  • We do not encourage binge drinking; we do not serve double shots of straight spirits and when last drinks are called, we will not serve any customer more than one drink at a time, unless we can ascertain that the drinks are being purchased from someone other than themselves.

Failure to observe this principle may lead to refusal of service and a request to leave the premises.
We will actively discourage patrons from drinking and driving.
Please respect our neighbours and leave quietly.
Failure to leave licensed premised when requested to do so may incur a fine.

Management Plan

Licensee: Morley Noranda Recreation Club Incorporated
Approved Manager: Darren Smith​

1. All Staff are required to complete industry training compliant courses (supported by training documentation)

  • Meetings are held to discuss and introduce changes to House Policy and Code of Conduct to ensure compliance with the appropriate laws. It is compulsory staff attend.

2. We will ensure that Responsible Practices will be adopted

  • There is conspicuous signage to remind patrons and staff alike of their obligations and responsibilities under the act.

3. Display of Responsible Server Posters on Licensed Premises

  • There are responsible server posters on the premises.

4. The way in which licensed Security undertake their duties

  • We are a members club, our members are family people and we have no need for security.

5. The practices to control juveniles on the licensed premises

  • Juveniles are only allowed on the premises with an adult or for the attendance of a sporting event.
  • All identification presented by juveniles shall be checked for legitimacy.

6. The way in which intoxicated persons are refused service

  • They are advised by one of our supervisory staff in a cordial manner that it is managements option that they have consumed and are exhibiting visible signs of intoxication and in accordance with the Liquor Licensing Act, we are obliged to refused them further service of alcoholic beverages however Management has offer a complimentary tea or coffee.

7. The procedures in place to respond to complaints and protect he amenity of the area

  • Phone the local Police and or Shire Security to report infringements and cases of vandalism in and around the area.